Wednesday, January 27, 2010

October pics :D

Back in october the L's got came down to visit for Reformation day! It was a ton of fun. One night we got out all the candles we could find and lit them all. then of course we had to do things like put one out and light the smoke with another candle and stuff like that. :D Reformation day went really well. (I already put up pics of my dress a few posts ago. :D )


  1. yeah mee too!! :D That was a ton of fun!! C U tonight!

  2. Hi Laura!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and thanks about the pic; I really like it, too! Aren't those amazing doors? They were custom-made in Mexico to go on this really pretty home in Alabama. :)
    So I'm following you now. :) I know who you are, by the way, because Scarlett Burnham is my friend, too!

    Like your blog :)


  3. Haha! Hey there! They Are most definitely! :D Yeah everybody knows Scarlett! Ain't it great! :D