Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just thought I'd post an update from the Bentley family. Amy's been very sick with her pregnancy, and has to stay in bed, so Holly flew up there 2 days ago(last tuesday) and I've had my own room. :D I've never once had my own room and it's kinda cool, but also slightly strange. :D I feel SOO far away from everybody when I'm upstairs and Holly isn't there! :D We are going to Liberty day[ ]at the end of March. The Lautenchlagers are going too, and will bring Hollydown. Then she is riding with us as far as Missouri, and then staying there to help a mom we know, who is going to Texas. She's going to go with her and help out with the kids 'n stuff. So that'll be about another week with her. So we are going to miss her a lot, and you people (except those in SD) wont C her for quite some time! XD


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