Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have finally scanned into the computer some more of my drawings. Sense the last drawing that I have posted on here is ancient, I thought I'd post some of my more recent ones. I know that the one I posted before was a dragon, but i don't do many things besides people.
This first one is Nancy Drew, but the rest aren't of anybody in particular.


  1. Sorry the last one is hard to see. I drew it really light, and it didn't show up very well when I scanned it in. :P

  2. I like your drawings! They're really cute :)

    Talk to you later!

    -Amy Jo

  3. I love them! They're really good !
    The second picture of me (in the post after the drawing post) I have my eyes half way closed! :)


  4. The third picture is really good! Great job!