Saturday, June 4, 2011


I don't know about you all, but I'm a terrible procrastinator. When it comes to school I usually finish by the assigned date, but if I have five work days to write a paper I will probably write it in the last two and spend the previous three doing who know what with my time. I'm an artistic person who doesn't enjoy schoolwork. However, instead of doing it quickly as I know I'm capable of, I take my time and let is stretch out through the day as I weave the things I want to do into it. I like to tell myself I have plenty of time. "I'm merely going to finish this drawing, add a few sentences to my story, or play a little guitar," are normally among the thoughts that enter my mind. Another thing I tend to procrastinate is reading my bible. I don't have a special time I've designated for bible reading and this usually means that it doesn't get done. I want to read my bible. I enjoy reading my bible "but i have so many things to do right now, so I'll get to it later." I would like to present this to myself and others who suffer from the disease of procrastination. We are stewards of our time, and our time is not our own. Our time is God's time which He has made us stewards over. To waste this is to waste our lives and God's time. I know that when I really stop and think about it, I don't have any good excuses for where my time has gone, because I've wasted it. My goal for the summer is to get into a habit of reading and meditating on the bible daily, and to always be doing something rather than letting myself lie around because I'm too lazy to come up with something to do. Pray for me.

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